No Portland?

I've been so overwhelmed with everything that I've needed to do here that my flight back to Portland for OSCON was not the first thing on my mind. Now that I've started checking, the cheapest fair I can find it £1,000 (almost $2,000 US) -- and that's just the flight. Doesn't count the cost of the train to the airport or the expenses at the conference. Short of racking up a bunch of credit card debt, I may not be making it to Portland for the conference.

Damn it.
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Oh Curtis that is crappy. Hopefully the cheap flight fairies will come up with something reasonable at the last minute.
I am momentarily at a loss for an appropriate curseword.
When Ovid was little and he wanted to curse he yelled "CENSORED" and it was so funny! I guess you had to be there.... ;)
Perhaps it would be possible to get the con or one of the sponsors to get your a flight. Although, it seems likely to late at this point.
drop me an email with possible dates and I can see what magic I can find