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How much do *you* want to pay?

There's a running joke at work about David Hasselhoff being hired as our spokesperson, right down to someone spoofing his email and sending out "hello" messages to employees. So today, someone made a reference to the thehoffshop.com, the place where you can buy "hofficial" t-shirts which read "Don't Hassle with the Hoff".

Me, thinking that $40 was a bit steep for a Hasslehoff t-shirt, did some exploring and noticed they had this in their HTML:

    <input name="price" type="hidden" value="40">

Well, if you know much about Web programming, you know that's an open invitation for someone to change that price to whatever they want and I wrote a couple of lines of Perl (well, 6, to be exact), which changed the price and resubmitted the form and lo!, I could buy Hasslehoff t-shirts for only $5.00. Since finding security holes is a lot more fun than trying to explain to police that you were only kidding, I didn't complete the order, I just noted that I could.

The best, however, is yet to come. Despite the Hoff's programmers having built one of the finest cars in existence, they clearly don't know squat about Web programming. Apparently, their marketing department needs a bit of work, too. Go to that site. Look at the lower left corner. If they still don't have any women's black t-shirts, the message reads "black girls out of stock".

This entry just wouldn't be complete without this.
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