Flat hunting

Here's the flat I didn't get. I wanted it, though £550 was a bit more than I was planning on paying. It's also small, small, small. All of the flats I've looked at fall in this category. From what I have seen, I can forget about the huge, two-bedroom apartment I had in Portland. Unless I want to move out into the sticks, that is.

However, being small isn't the reason I turned the place down. I am accepting the fact that I'm going to have to adjust that aspect of my lifestyle. The reason I turned it down isn't the £150 administration fee. Or the £25.00 referencing fee. But the extra £100 deposit on top of the landlord's deposit seemed a bit odd, but the up-front sign-out fee of £35.00 is what put me over the top. All told, that's £310. Basically, a rather disorganized guy who was late meeting me, couldn't find the keys and, at one apartment he showed me, wasn't sure if the people were still living there, was trying to charge me an exorbitant amount of money and, when I asked him about this, was unwilling to negotiate.

Instead, I called up FHP City Living, the company which was first recommended to me. They're much more organized, much cleaner, have more apartments, and they just charge £176.25. So this is now my first choice.

In other news, what a mind-bogglingly stupid URL: (it's completely work safe).
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yep, flats are small here. Looks a nice place though, and the price is cheap compared to down here.
Apartment 23!
23, a good omen?

The only thing that could have made that URL stupider would've been if it had been registered in the Cook Islands.
Ooh, that looks like a neat place...brekkie on the terrace! Good luck.

i shop at the cumstore all the time! but you knew that. That's where we met.

sigh i'm retarded.