American Airlines -- Where Quality is a Slogan

After my disastrous experience with American Airlines, someone suggested I send the link to the consumerist, which I did. Well, I did and they posted the story and in a private email recommended that I contact American Airlines. So I did. Seems you can't get decent contact info for them, though. They make you go through a dinky little Web form. I included a link to the blog entry explaining what happened and here's their thoughtful reply:

Thank you for contacting Customer Relations. We've received your email to us but cannot read the message on a different website . Please resend your message to us via our Customer Relations email link on You must include your information in the body of your email. If your message exceeds the character limitation, you can send us information by U.S. mail or by fax.

Later they go on to explain that I can't even reply to that email or else it won't be read. Yeah, that's American Airlines, going the extra mile for customer service.

I didn't see an email address on your info page --- but I read your story on The Consumerist and thought it would be fun to add you! Hope that's all right. Thanks!
I fought tooth and nail with them and finally got a $100 voucher which i never used. I hate AA. Too bad the voucher wasn't transferrable or I'd have sold it.
Bah. Too bad you didn't use it. They're terrible and having even a *little* suffering for the pain they cause would be good.
I don't know. I don't think one should support bad service. Once the damage has been done, it's done. Besides, the prices I found for air travel from a competitive airline were at least $100 different in price although the times were more like redeye. But I'd rather give my business to someone that knows how to treat their customers right. I admit that no airlines is perfect, but I also admit that some are better than others and know how to rectify certain situations better.