Email exchange at work

A programmer is leaving for university and wanted suggestions for a final year project. Here's a synopsis of part of the exchange:

Someone: you could do an AI project.
Ovid: Model George Bush's brain. Should take you three lines of BASIC.
Someone else: Well, you could do that in MS Paint.

Yeah, I like it here :)
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If my memory of an 8th grade computing class serves me....
10 PRINT "Uuuuhhhhhhhhhh"
20 GOTO 10
30 END

I loved my Atari 800XL....
George Bush?
He's the first one on the list when you type failure in Googles search bar and hit enter....... ;)
Sorry I haven't commented earlier - I've been away.

Welcome to the UK it sounds like you're fitting in just fine.

If you happen to actually find someone over here who likes Dubya, let me know. I've been activly searching for two years now and so far I've drawn a blank.