Just about to hit the sack. Sitting in the airport in SeaTac, waiting for 6:00 AM. pdx42, _sister_madly_ and cmelak have all left. It was simultaneously a tearful and joyous goodbye.

In a few hours, I'll be on the plane. I'm not sure of my internet access situation for the near future, so if I don't post for a while, you'll understand.
Goodbyes Suck
It has been nice "almost meeting you". Please share your UK adventures with those of us who are "less fortunate".
Glad I got to see you one more time :-)


I look forward to hearing all about the British "Matrix" ;-) oh, and Maid Marion!
I know you'll have a safe uneventful trip but I hope you can post shortly after arrival so we know you made it:)
Hi C! I guess I was dreaming about you or something, 'cause I woke up at 4am wondering what time you were heading out today. And now I know. *sniff*
I do hope you got a minute to look at the pics from the other night. :)

Have a safe journey over, sweetie! I'm very excited for you and look forward to hearing all about this next adventure in your life.

xoxo, jules
Hello my dear! Just about to hit the shuttle and saw this. Wanted to say that the pics are lovely and, as I recall, there was a deal made at the party to share a few more pics, contigent upon me actually sending you some of wine trip photos.

Safe travels!
Looking forward to when you get situated enough to post from the other side of the pond.
Hi C. It was a pleasure meeting you in the past. I look forward to your adventures in the UK. I hope everything goes alright for you on the flight over. Take care.
the beginning of a great adventure. The sweet elixir of life.

Fly high, mon ami. See you over there soon.

big time hugs
Good luck, and feel free get in touch if you make it down to Oxford at any stage...