Drunken Magic Tricks

Tonight is pdx42's 40th birthday party! Happy Birthday! I'll see you there.


In other news, last night I found myself at Noir for 80s night. Had I known how good it would be, I would have gone more often.

While I was there I found myself chatting with a friend (who shall remain anonymous) who was really drunk. We had the following exchange:

Ovid: Wanna see a cool trick?

Him: Sure!

Ovid: OK, first, let me see your keys.

Then we drove him home.
*files away the sneakiness for future use*

HB to pdx42. I hope you get lots of cake.
OOOOOOO thats a nifty trick...
I wonder if there is a way to work it so you wind up driving someone to your house but get to use their better car (hmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
Re: OOOOOOO thats a nifty trick...
WOW= ummmmmmmmm I shouldnt post after drinking out of a sippy cup. It totally doesnt make any damn sense.
Re: OOOOOOO thats a nifty trick...
Heh, and I am a girl who doesn't drink much so ummmmm yeah. May I ask which person you are? and perhaps friend you?
Re: OOOOOOO thats a nifty trick...
I was visiting from Seattle, never really moved from the garage table (those goldfish were too yummy and I too intoxicated), dressed all in black....glasses, very glazed-over eyes and replete with philosophical rantings (it always sounds so brilliant when you're inebriated....)

friending is fine :-)) I'm so busy with school, tho, I've mostly a bunch of quotes these days!!

did you meander over to the garage table??? otherwise, we mightn't have even seen each other :-D
Re: OOOOOOO thats a nifty trick...
She will be friended momentarily. Heh.. I think you kick much ass. Were you serious about paintball or was that just drunken goofiness?