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So, a cop decides he doesn't like you. It might be nice if he could just walk into your home and maybe look around without a warrant. In California, he just might be able to. Seems all he needs to do is say "gosh, I think you may have been drinking and driving" and he can walk in and bust you. The reasoning (if you want to call it that) from the California Supreme Court seems to be that your diminishing blood alcohol level has the same legal standing as you deliberately destroying evidence (another reason that police can enter a home without a warrant).

So if you live in California, the next time you have friends over for a couple of drinks, make sure that you haven't pissed off any police. They can just walk in and bust you for being drunk, claiming a "neighbor tipped them off", and have a look around your apartment at the same time. Or maybe like the case which prompted the California ruling, if you've pissed off a neighbor and they see you drinking at home, maybe they'll claim you drove home. Who knows?

Of course, no one would ever abuse this, right? Of course not ...

(Note that this still doesn't give the police the right to search your apartment. However, if you have something in plain sight which the police officers might reasonably be expected to see, it can be used against you.)
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here in saskatchewan if your nieghbors think that there is supicious behavior they can call the police who in turn will start an investigation, after the investigations if they decide there is suspicious activity they will then evict you from your house temporarily up to three months and in some cases they can ask you to sell your home...there is a couple in Regina who this happened to and they were asked to either leave or evict their teenagers cause they thought there might be suspicious activity going on...they don't need actual proof jsut suspicions of it
I know I mean if your neighbor didn't like you he could have you investigated and dragged through the mud without any problems