Packing Surprises

It's so much fun pulling a pair of dirty underwear out of a suitcase and wondering how long they had been there. Ugh.

It was also fun finding an envelope containing some banking information from when I lived in Amsterdam. It listed my address in Amsterdam and, by happy coincidence, Google Maps appears to have updated their Amsterdam maps (they were previously rather fuzzy). This has let me get a good aerial view of the apartment I had there. It's the third up from the intersection and looks like a dark square -- I tried to center it in the map.

One thing I found fascinating about that apartment is that it was built before the United States even existed.
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i've been in Amsterdam just for 4 days last year and I loved it )
Hee Hee! I found the peace park! Hope you have a safe trip! I can't find hefeveisen down here! I have to go all the way to Austin acording to my search! To to far! I found ONE person that has heard of it. Not just the shiner version. Put a fabric softener sheet or a fresh bar of your favorite smelling soap in your suitcase. It will make your suitcase smell fresher. If you use a bar soap just leave it in the paper package. I can't stand the shoe smell that a suitcase tends to get after a while. LOL
Thanks! You got my family off on a memory lane trip through our hometown. We looked at all of the houses we've lived in, showed my kindergartners where _I_ went to kindergarten *laugh* Found our current house here in Texas.
Heh. Yes, it's a lot of fun stuff, though I confess that it's frustrating discovering that I can't recall all of the places I've lived. Glad you had fun!
I love Google Earth. I have used it to go look at the neighborhood I grew up in back in Maine to see how it looks now! Neat stuff.
Congratulations on finding your very own archealogical dig. Sorta.