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Inhuman Resources

You know, if I shoot an email off to some techie asking a question, I am not terribly surprised when I get a snotty response. Techie's aren't known for their "human" side (if you'll pardon the generalization). However, when I fire a similar email off to a human resources department, I expect them to be polite when answering. Today, a techie sent me a notice about a nice job. I looked at the job posting and realized there were no instructions on how to apply, but there was a link to the HR department.

I sent separate emails to both the techie and HR. The techie was nice. Here's what the HR person wrote:

To apply for the web specialist or anyu (sic) position, you must follow the instructions on the website which is (sic) ...

After receiving that, I spent 10 minutes on the site looking for the instructions before I found them. I won't post the link on the off chance that someone reading this journal works there and tells the HR person, but I was pretty annoyed. If the HR person interviews me, I can only assume that this person will think I can't follow directions :(
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