And now for something completely different

Having taken a few salsa and tango classes (years ago and never enough to be good), I've always had a soft spot in my heart for dancing. Regrettably, the Swing Dancing Gods have always been against me so every time I've tried to take swing dancing, I've gotten lost, been late, or in one memorable instance, discovered that the "swing dancing class" was actually a "country line dancing class" but called "swing" because the instructor thought no one would show up otherwise. The instructor was right.

While it takes years to be this good, you can see why I might find swing dancing appealing.

On the other hand, a revamped Gene Kelly looks pretty damned phenomenal.

Nothing, however, quite beats the legendary Al Minns and Leon James doing the Charleston. Unless it's Al Minns and Leon James doing the Charleston to hip-hop.
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I've got dance contacts in London and Cambridge if you want to try the swing thing again there :)
In highschool a group of us (about 10 or so) took swing lessons. It wound up being really fun because we made up almost the entire class. My only complaint was that the boys thought it would be funny to see who could spin me the farthest. (Of course I just thought they all wanted to dance with me because I was so gosh darn cute) Afterwards I found out that what they REALLY were trying to do was make me fall down. UGH! Stupid boys.
nice. those are brilliant. I love the last link w/ the hip-hop, it really does give it new "meaning".

I've always wanted to learn swing dance myself, but that (along with math) are my two weaknesses ... to a near-phobic degree. Still, it is on my list. Maybe I can develop a right foot afterall. The folks in that first link were obviously great, but I like the girl in this one better....more personality, less stiff...something. Just try to look past the pants.