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NSA: What a bunch of kidders, eh?

So as you probably know by now, George Bush's claim that NSA spying was only on phone calls with one party outside of the US turned out to be another lie. While it appears the NSA wasn't recording your actual conversation, they were recording who you called and how long you spoke to them for. Oh, and it appears no court authorized this, either. Ain't that special? Of course, at this point, I wouldn't be remotely surprised to find out that they were recording our conversations. After all, we need to keep this country safe because the bogeyman terrorists are out to get you! Seems a lot of folks are enjoying the music of this Orwellian symphony that Bush is conducting.

Meanwhile, Congress, fumbling around in the dark, appears to have stumbled across their spine, tucked away in a dark corner. They're vowing to investigate this (additional) abuse by the Bush administration and intelligence agencies. Has the Bush administration finally gone too far? Nah! Elections are coming up. Wait for the upcoming investigations into where their collective spine disappeared to.

Fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Justice Department is hot on the heels of the NSA with their inquiry into the first big eavesdropping scandal. Oh, wait! What's that I hear? Sounds like the tunnel caved in. The Justice Department has halted their investigation of the NSA's activities because the NSA won't grant the Justice Department lawyers the required security clearances to investigate the NSA. Sheesh, there's never a coup around when you need one.

Note to Secret Service personnel reading this entry: the "coup" line was a joke. A joke. As in "not serious". As in "kidding around". As in, "you should be ashamed of yourself and get a new job". (Whether that was directed at Bush or at the Secret Service personnel who've harrassed bloggers, I don't know)
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The idea that there's not a single investigator at the DOJ cleared to look into the NSA is rather distressing, is it not?
Fascism creeps.... it sure ain't like flipping a switch. Just how long has Total Information Awareness been in effect, ya reckon? Judging by the past veracity of this lot, I'd say it was operating before they even announced the idea!

I heerd Dubya wuz recommendin' ol' Jeb for the Hot Seat in 2008. Now thar's a winner! (that's on the down low from 'round the water cooler at Diebold)
What frightens me more than the government's actions is the fact that most Americans support them. God that's terrifying.

Bruce Schneier:

This is the line that’s done best for me on the radio: “The NSA would like to remind everyone to call their mothers this Sunday. They need to calibrate their system.”

Opensource Multidimensional Database
Hey, I currently am working with UV, but I cam across your blog about MV databases. You where wondering if there was an open source MV database. Try OpenQM.
It is fairly well documented, and it seems to follow along the same rules as Universe/Unidata.