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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I finally contacted Abtran, the company which handles Entry Clearance questions for the British Consulate General. It seems a bit odd that the British government would outsource this, but they did.

The good news is that I do not need to submit a medical certificate with my entry clearance papers. I was worried about that because I don't have health insurance (God bless America; love it or leave it) and that would be a pile of money I'd have to throw away. The bad news is that I have to submit "evidence of funds". Even though I'm taking a job over there, the government wants to know that I have spare cash on hand so that I do not have to resort to public funds. That's where things get ugly.

I'm not broke, but I don't have a ton of spare cash. I'm working on improving that somewhat, but Abtran was not able to tell me how much money the government is looking for. If they feel my funds are insufficient, my entry into the UK can be denied and the work permit is useless.
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