The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I finally contacted Abtran, the company which handles Entry Clearance questions for the British Consulate General. It seems a bit odd that the British government would outsource this, but they did.

The good news is that I do not need to submit a medical certificate with my entry clearance papers. I was worried about that because I don't have health insurance (God bless America; love it or leave it) and that would be a pile of money I'd have to throw away. The bad news is that I have to submit "evidence of funds". Even though I'm taking a job over there, the government wants to know that I have spare cash on hand so that I do not have to resort to public funds. That's where things get ugly.

I'm not broke, but I don't have a ton of spare cash. I'm working on improving that somewhat, but Abtran was not able to tell me how much money the government is looking for. If they feel my funds are insufficient, my entry into the UK can be denied and the work permit is useless.
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Abtran was not able to tell me how much money the government is looking for

How nice of them to be so cryptic. Do they at least give you a "support yourself for X months" kind of answer or is it totally random?
When I moved to canada, misc.immigration.canada was somewhat useful, so I just took a gander at misc.immigration.misc which had this to say. It seems the decision's at the discression of the immigration officer (weird), and your job offer is part of that decision (good) but they also might want evidence of some unspecified amount of savings (hm.)

This post might be talking about a totally different program; but they were suggesting a month of two's wages in cash. (which seems a bit low, but anyhow).

It seems a bit odd that the British government would outsource this, but they did.

Wait until you've been here a few months. It will seem normal by then.

I'm guessing that the reason they won't tell you is that there are not any official figures. My experience with both the US and Australia - both of which use different systems so please bear that in mind - is that they make the decision based on the whole case rather than specific achievable criteria.

BTW how do you stand for medical care in the UK?
Apparently as a work permit holder I'll have access to the national health plan, but my company is also providing private insurance as a supplement.
Private health cover in the UK is generally only useful for elective procedures, or for getting the same treatment (from the same consultants even!) quicker. In an emergency, you'll always use the NHS.

And yeah, they outsource all kinds of crazy shit.

I suspect that their refusal to specify an amount is just so that they don't have to say "you're not coming in because your skin's the wrong colour". Come to think of it, outsourcing provides the govt with another layer to take the blame for that when it all comes out.

Cynical? Moi?
It will be interesting to see what the figure is, if they ever tell you outright. I'm not broke, but I'm not too affluent, either.
I whould think they want to see funds for at least 6 month living expenses. That makes at least 6 000 pounds.
but don't take my word for it- it's just my guess.
arethere no info in British Consulate website?
No, there's not much information about it. They just tell me the paperwork I need, not the information they're looking for.
I am not an immigration lawyer but...
I don't think there is a set amount because it depends on personal circumstances. It's more likely that they want to check that you have researched and estimated your living costs and have enough money to pay for somewhere to live and to house, clothe and feed yourself until your first salary payment.

The ideal situation would be £16000, ($29591.97) as having savings worth that amount or more excludes you from most (if not all) of the public funds listed. I would, however, think that savings in the range of £3-5k ($5548.49-$9247.49 or three months' salary, whichever is greater) would be perfectly acceptable to them; most benefits tend to reduce the amount of money you're entitled to if you have £3000 in savings and banks in the UK recommend that everyone keep at least £5000 in liquid assets for emergencies.

I'm wishing you the best of luck with this, and I hope that the aggravation this immigration application is causing to you will be worthwhile.
when I first read that I read it as I finally contracted Abtran, and was sorta confussed but I am all right now. Hopefully you will not be denied and everything will be okay
Australia wanted ~AUS$10,000 in savings for an unmarried applicant without a relationship-based petition (there was no $$$ requirement if you was gettin hitched to an Aussie). That was - yikes! - almost ten years ago. But the case officer does look at your overall package, I guess that's why they're given more discretion. If you got the work permit, you are filling a bonafide labour need of the UK, and they figure with that, too.
Greetings, I've noticed your post over in the nottingham community.

Wanted to wish you loads of good luck.

I'm going over to Nottingham in 24 days myself to visit friends then it's up to Newcastle Upon Tyne to visit my boyfriend.