I've already been on the phone with folks and I'll be speaking with even more today about it. It's going to be a looong day catching up with everyone, but ...

My work permit was approved!

It's good for five years. I have a bit of discussion to do with the Nottingham folks to work out some final details, but I should be gone in less than a month.
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Great! Congrats!

I'm glad I was able to visit before your Big Move.
Some details to work out with those folks in Nottingham eh.....

....better give me a call then ;-)

Woohoo! Congrats!!! It seemed like a long, aggravating road but you finally got it.
are you going to have a going away party? Or can we schedule somehting before you leave? I'd like to say goodbye
So tell me, did you pack any boxes yesterday? Hmmm? I didn't think so.
I'll call you a little later.
I'm going to be working for Pipex on their new product development team. It's been a long slog waiting for the permit to go through, but they had trouble finding someone with my background, so it was worth the wait on both sides.
You'll have to ask Sean and Lil. They're the ones planning it.

(Though I suspect that for some folks it will be a "go away" party)
*gleeful shriek* Yippee! I bet that's a load off your mind.
Nice one. Drop me a mail when you know your travel dates, and I'll see if I can't point you in the direction of some of the people on the Nottingham goth/industrial scene so you have people to socialize with once you get here. :)
Congrats! :D

Are you going to keep playing WoW on US servers or get an EU account? :D