I need to call the British Consulate General and ask them some questions about my entry clearance. Unfortunately, they use a premium service which doesn't allow calls from cell phones (argh!). I've talked to a couple of friends and they, like me, use their cell phone for long distance and don't have long distance on their land line. Any friend willing to let me use their phone for a premium call? Needless to say, I'll happily pay the charges.
Though we, like everyone else, use my cell phone for long distance, we do still have access to it on our land line. We're in Beaverton, so someone might be closer in.

I'll be home most of tomorrow, with the exception of a dentist appointment late morning.
What about a phonecard? This is how most of my international friends handle calls home, and they can be pretty cheap.

If that fancy premium service also won't allow for these, just ignore me.
Oh geesh, I just got my comcast phone account disconnected 'cause we weren't using it enough to justify the $40/month. Anyone else have comcast voip? I know it works and it's CHEAP for international 'cause Don used it to call his dad in Mexico a couple of times and it only cost about a $1.
If you get stuck, let me know your questions and I'll call the consulate for you. e-mail tanuja.lj at gmail. You can pay me back in beers at the Trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham! (
Use Mine
You can use my phone, Curtis. I'm a little closer than Beaverton, I think.