The Glory of the Ancient World

The ancient Roman city of Colonia Augusta Firma Astigi was one of the largest cities in the world for its time. With 30,000 inhabitants, its olive oil industry was well-known and urns of its products were found throughout the ancient world. Archaeologists discovering the ancient city discovered wonderful statues, mosaics and many well-preserved buildings that would have provided a treasure trove of information about ancient Roman life.

"Would have"? Immediately after the discovery was made, Spanish officials destroyed the remains to make room for a car park.

Good to be reminded that the US isn't the only country churning out morons who don't realize that there are some things more important than simple economics.
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Sigh...that's so depressing. The modern world, the whole of it, doesn't give a damn about the past -- that's so "old". Isn't "old" a synonym for "bad" in modern English?

It's good to look towards the future, but trashing the past line this is insane.
I would tentatively say that not all destruction of the past is bad.

I don't believe that we should keep everything because if we do then where do we put it all and what if no-one wants to look at it? There are thousands of artworks in storage that can't be chucked out because you can't do that sort of thing but they can't go on display because there isn't space or no-one comes to see them.

Same with space I guess. When do you put a limit on making space for the past to make way for people who are actually alive now? A car park isn't a necessity per-se but what if the demolition had made way for a hospital? Or a school?

It's a difficult situation made worse because worth is an arbitrary thing. Are the artefacts crucial or mundane? Is a particular object beautiful or completely uninspired? One man's trash is another man's treasure. If we keep too much we might suffocate in the past, if we get rid of too much then how can we appreciate and learn?

I so didn't mean to have such a long opinion!
I think it really depends on the individual situation. I see stuff destroyed every now and then I think should be saved but what do I know. LOL