On the off chance that any Perl folk read this journal instead of my technical journal and are interested in Class::CGI, you can join the mailing list to help contribute to its design and to ask questions about its use.

    use Class::CGI 
      handlers => {
        customer => 'My::Customer::Handler',
      };  # can also be specified in a profile file

    my $cgi      = Class::CGI->new;
    $cgi->required(qw/customer age/);  # On my hard drive.  This feature is not yet released.

    my $customer = $cgi->param('customer');
    my $name     = $customer->name;      # objects!
    my $email    = $cgi->param('email'); # behaves like normal

    if ( my %errors = $cgi->errors ) {
       # do error handling

Class::CGI is an example of the mediator pattern. This pattern lets you provide a single interface to a collection of interfaces without tightly coupling them. Specifically, Class::CGI lets you treat HTML forms as object collections. The validation and untainting of form data can all happen behind the scenes. This lets your core code focus on the business problem you're trying to solve rather than worry about a bunch of grunt work.

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Sounds like a handy class. Most of my scripts are CGI form processors, so verifying and storing that information takes up a bit of code. Well, especially since I'm a piss-poor Perl programmer who takes double the lines of most people to accomplish anything. *laugh*

Good luck with that, and I would be interested in seeing the results.
Eventually this thing will be ready for a "production" release. I'll be sure to mention it here.

Out of curiosity, what do you do which requires you to write CGI scripts? I think I've missed that in your posts.