Wine, Women, and Song

Various and sundry items to reacquaint people with my life.


Well, not wine, but scotch. A friend had to put down his cat so he threw a wake. We wound up splitting bottles of Ardbeg and Talisker. Fortunately, he's a scotch connoisseur so I didn't have to pretend to enjoy that Johnny Walker or Dewers crap.


My blind date had been tanning so often that I was afraid hunters would try and kill her and use her skin for a handbag. Nice person, but we had nothing in common.

So why don't I date women that I know? I will confess that I am tempted, but I've dated enough women that are friends of friends that I am feel a bit self-conscious. It's sometimes awkward going to a party and counting the women that I've dated. I'm friends with all of them and they know one another, but it still gets weird (but a couple are are sooooo damned cute -- maybe I should break down).


Bought the new Pigface CD "Easy Listening". It's certainly not what most would listen to, but I'm enjoying it tremendously.
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Re: Blah, blah, blah
Oh oh oh... you know you adore the attention. And, short of my one beautiful eye, have you ever known me to say something less than complimentary -- if not outright pleasing?

(jog my memory if you have)

And hey... it isn't like you don't love to watch me squirm, too!