Arresting drunk people in bars (follow-up)

A recent post of mine dealt with how the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has decided to arrest people for public intoxication -- while they're still in the bar. If you've been following this, you've read that they have stated that they have no intention of discontinuing this practice, claiming that it prevents drunk driving and saves lives.

Well, it looks like they finally gave in, but it's only a temporary suspension. And, by the merest coincidence, it's right before the Texas legislature decided to look into the matter.
About time. I went to buy a bottle of Jacques Cardin the other night. I walked in and the girl almost didn't sell to me cause it was one minute to closing. Aparently they're watching her. She said if they caught me buying from her it was a five thousand dollar fine just because of the time. I almost left. She was scared sh!tless! I went back and she's fine but I will not be going back at night anymore. I'd feel awful bad if someone got a fine because I wanted anything. I remember working at the Pit Stop Food Marts here in New Braunfels and they tried to sting me three times! The one I remember is the one my manager tried to FORCE me to accept. This really tall skinny guy walks in and grabs a 18 pack of budweiser and asks for a pack of camels. He's got shocking red hair and sporting a full beard (not fake). He looks about 28 or so. I started to hand him the cigs and an alarm went off in my head........He's standing there not looking me in the eye and his arms are swinging ever so slightly around and behind him. He's moving from foot to foot constantly. He's acting like my kids when they were teens! I looked him square in the eye and asked for his id. He grinned and said "Do you really want to see my id?". My manager mock slapped me and said in a very irritated voice (the store was very busy)"Sell him the damn beer and get on with it!". I said "NO"! He handed me his license. He was 16YEARS OLD!!!!!! My manager had a cow! He smiled and took his id and thanked me and said he was with tabc! I was in the newsletter that the pit stop puts out monthly about employees. I was floored by that. He looked every bit a grown man but his actions gave him away.