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Debt? What's that?

A few days ago, I paid off my dental bill. Today I paid off my Discover card. I'll probably close that account soon since Discover is not honored in the UK.

I am now officially debt-free.
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For your credit's sake, you might want to just keep it open... but that's just coming from a wife of a credit guru.
Oh that's insane... never knew that. Guess that makes sense :)

Congrats on the debt-free part!
this has driven me crazy - but I think the worst experience I've had with moving to a foreign country was when Kaj first came here and was given a car insurance rating of someone who had just gotten his first license!! Even though he had been licensed about 15 years or so in CZ ! Our insurance rates were ridiculous until after almost four or five years with a clean driving record.

congrats on being debt free - it feels good :)
BUT - a FICO score is a FICO score. And terminating a credit card drops it. Not a bad idea to keep it around nonetheless, particularly if you think you might return.
I personally wouldn't want it open what with credit fraud going on. You might not know till it's wayyyy late if someone pulled another lulu on you once you were gone.
i must-a missed something so you are officially going over seaz?8o
Debt-free... now that's a major accomlishment! Congratulations on that, and the beginning of your new UK life!
The opposite of schadenfreude is...
... mudita.

I don't have your talent for words. Let's just leave it at "I am ridiculously happy for you right now."
Congrats, man. That's a big deal. You're now well on your way to fabulous wealth!

That's so incredibly awesome. =)

Personally, I'll be out of all credit-card-type debt in October or so. I still have student loans/mortgage/car payments but I'm okay with those, since all have good interest rates relatively. I can't wait.