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Obligatory "Brokeback Mountain" post

Why is it that all of my friends who've seen "Brokeback Mountain" are quick to say that it's not a great film? They all say it was "good", but not "great". I suppose it's a subjective thing.

Me? I cried when I watched it. Really. It had a tremendous impact which I found very compelling. Yes, it had gay cowboys, but that's not the point! Why does everyone seem to miss that? It's about the conflict between those who chase their dreams and those who forgo them to remain "safe" and gay cowboys are a jarring image to illustrate that. It's a perfect metaphor for what we can aspire to as compared to what we settle for. Everyone else just sees gay cowpokes.

I was really moved by the film. tmonsta was there and she held me at the end as I cried. I know, it sounds silly to say something like that and I confess to feeling a bit awkward about writing that, but to say anything else about my reaction would be lying. Admittedly, given that I'm moving to the UK, it could be that the movie touched a nerve in me, but the point is the same.

While Ennis is the main character of the film, Jack, for all of his flaws, is the true hero. He knew the dangers inherent in being true to himself, but he was willing to face that. In the end, he died for his dreams and Jack, unwilling to be honest with himself, lived in a trailer, had a broken family and no hope for a future.

I have, more than once, hesitated to follow my dreams and have bitterly regretted this. The risks I most regret are the ones I did not take. Don't make that mistake.
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