Obligatory "Brokeback Mountain" post

Why is it that all of my friends who've seen "Brokeback Mountain" are quick to say that it's not a great film? They all say it was "good", but not "great". I suppose it's a subjective thing.

Me? I cried when I watched it. Really. It had a tremendous impact which I found very compelling. Yes, it had gay cowboys, but that's not the point! Why does everyone seem to miss that? It's about the conflict between those who chase their dreams and those who forgo them to remain "safe" and gay cowboys are a jarring image to illustrate that. It's a perfect metaphor for what we can aspire to as compared to what we settle for. Everyone else just sees gay cowpokes.

I was really moved by the film. tmonsta was there and she held me at the end as I cried. I know, it sounds silly to say something like that and I confess to feeling a bit awkward about writing that, but to say anything else about my reaction would be lying. Admittedly, given that I'm moving to the UK, it could be that the movie touched a nerve in me, but the point is the same.

While Ennis is the main character of the film, Jack, for all of his flaws, is the true hero. He knew the dangers inherent in being true to himself, but he was willing to face that. In the end, he died for his dreams and Jack, unwilling to be honest with himself, lived in a trailer, had a broken family and no hope for a future.

I have, more than once, hesitated to follow my dreams and have bitterly regretted this. The risks I most regret are the ones I did not take. Don't make that mistake.
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I have had lots of people I know say simliar things about the movie (maybe cuz we sort of run in the same circle) and wasn't going to check it out, but now I'm thinking about it.
Actually, they're not gay cowboys. I hate it when people say it's a gay cowboyt movie.

They're gay sheep herders.
Ah, I realize, because of the cold crass nature of the internet, my comment might seem flippant.

Actually, I was really trying to make a point - albeit in a very subtle way. When people deride the movie as a "gay cowboy flick", they seem to conjure images of the cowboy from the Village People. I guess I get tired of seeing that idea perpetuated, ergo my correction to gay sheep herders.
Sorry, I have to disagree. Yes, we saw them start as shepherds, but Jack rode in the rodeo and Ennis went on to start a ranch, though an unsuccessful one. They were definitely cowboys, though not in the "Village People" sense as you mentioned below. I guess that folks outside of the midwest probably don't have much experience with cowboys and might not really know what they're about.

By the way, did you ever start that alt on Twisting Nether?
By the way, did you ever start that alt on Twisting Nether?

Actually, I did yesterday. Female DE Hunter, "Eidolona". I got her up to level 10 tonight so I could get her pet. Had a helluva time connecting tonight, though. They really need to do something with the authentication servers.
See, my thing is..... everybody says "if you took the gay aspect out of the story, it's an unremarkable love story that isn't particularly new or fresh." Fair enough, except that the whole point is that it IS a gay love story; that's the angle. Two people who love each other in a world that scorns that, to the degree that their lives and their happiness are imperiled. You really can't take that aspect out. It wasn't a "gay cowboy movie" because gay cowboys are some kind of kitsch novelty; it was a gay cowboy movie because the film is about truth, and danger.

(The same could be said for films about interracial romance, like "Jungle Love" - if you took race out of the equasion you wouldn't have a compelling new story, but you can't, because race relations are the whole point.)

I loved it. They way they facilitated the end was particularly heartbreaking: short, quick cuts of a violent, brutal truth couched in the despicable, cold words of a lie. That felt much more authentic than the end I expected (I knew how it ended, but had visualized something more narrative-- with us as the audience along on Jack's journey through the conflict). Something about the way it was done made it feel more intimate and more horrifying to me. And the fact that Ennis never finds out the truth; maybe he suspects it, but we never know if he ever knows. We are left to presume not, and the presumption is staggering.
I haven't watched it though I might like too many gay movies are based around themse like that I find it is a big issue for those of us with other sexual preferances I think
I completely understand/"get" what it was about, and still found it to be only GOOD not great.
I loved it. It was one of my favorite films of last year ... I don't know why so many people say it's not a great film, either.
I thought it was a slow movie and I wanted to punch Heath Ledger in the face uncontrollably for the last 50 minutes of it (okay maybe more than 50 minutes). IMHO it was about lying, cheating, hurting those you love, hidden resentments and lust, and how much it sucks to live in Wyoming or Texas.

Sorry, irritable night. I did "appreciate" the point of the movie and thought it was a good thing. Didn't enjoy it very much.
why don't you ever ask me first?
I'll say it (without reading the rest of your post). It was the best fucking movie I saw last year, and one of the best i've ever seen. I was outraged that "Crash", a far inferior movie, won for best picture.

now i'll read the rest of your post.
i just saw it friday night.
i cried
i was a bit annoyed that i couldn't understand a lot of what Ennis was saying because he mumbeled so badly. but then i've met men like him and well. yeah they talk like that...

it was beautifl, brilliant, amazing etc.

it was a much more than i expected. it was so much more than everyone keeps saying. I kept wanting to yell at the TV "MOVE TO SAN FRANCISCO" even though i know how unreasonable that was.

it broke my heart