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World of Warcraft

As some of you probably know, I have started playing World of Warcraft. This is a bit odd as I am not a gamer. Most games bore me pretty quickly but WoW has held my interest. Because I have some time off until my next job, I've realized that WoW is the cheapest form of entertainment I can enjoy. $15.00 per month is far cheaper than dining out, going to movies, etc. That's not to say I'm not doing those other things, but I'm doing them less often because I need to save my money.

I might blog about WoW at times because it's a fascinating social exercise, but since most folks won't have a clue what I'm talking about, I figure a special WoW filter is in order. Anyone want to be on it?

I am currently a 40 Night Elf Rogue on "Twisting Nether", a PvP (Player versus Player) server. The game has two groups, Alliance and Horde. Alliance is traditionally the "good" guys and the Horde is comprised of Orcs, Undead, and Tauren (sort of a bovine, human human mix, like the Minotaur). Aside from basic "emotes" (body language such as waving, blowing kisses, pointing, begging, etc.), it is not possible to communicate with the other side. Because on a player versus player server, each side is generally at liberty to kill the other, you must be highly vigilant if you encounter the other faction. Typically someone will wave, flirt, or do something similar towards an "enemy" to let them know they don't want to fight.

This can be frustrating because you can never really know what their intentions are. Maybe they want to kill you. Maybe they are busy and just want to be left alone. Sometimes you never know. Sometimes you find out when they stab you in the back. Sometimes you find out when they help you kill off a difficult creature that's trying to kill you.

As a rogue, I can travel in a "stealth" mode which makes me close to invisible. I have something called "improved sap" which allows me to sap and stun an opponent and usually stay in stealth mode. My new favorite hobby with this is not killing the other side, but finding them in pairs, waiting for one of them to "pull" a group of monsters and then I sap the other. That leaves one guy to fight alone but the one guy will usually find a way to survive (if only running). I sit back and watch. Sometimes I'll run by and just sap someone out in the middle of nowhere and run off. You can watch them panic as they spin around looking for me after the stun wears off, but I rarely kill them. I must confess that this appears to really tick them off, but while it's annoying, it's nicer than killing them.

Just as in real life, some people act like jerks and others are really nice. I tend towards the latter. I give money and goods to lower level people in my guild (Disposable Hero) and generally everyone helps me when I need it. Today I gave an expensive book to another 40 level rogue for him to sell to help get his mount (something you get at level 40 if you have enough cash). I guess just like in real life, I have socialistic tendencies, but I still manage to annoy the hell out of those opposed to me.

Blizzard has created a phenomenal game and watching the economics of the game (I get lots of money because I pay attention to the market) and the politics of the game are fascinating.
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