Personal responsibility? What's that?

So two boys climb and abandoned building an jump up and down on a skylight. Not surprisingly, they fell through and were injured. Their parent's reaction? The lawsuit lottery, of course. They're suing the owners of the building in an apparent attempt to teach their children that greed is more important than personal responsibility.

What the hell has to happen to convince lawmakers to outlaw lawsuits over injuries resulting from knowingly participating in a crime?

For another "Parent of the Year" finalist, we have the charming story of a young lady, 14 years old, who got a little irate after being convincted for her second drunk driving offense. Upon finding out she was going to be locked up for a few months, she threw water at the judge, punched the prosecutor and threw eggs at the photographers. And her mother's response? She said she was proud of her daughter. There's also a delightful picture of the mother flashing her ass (clothed) at photographers.

Maybe parental licensing isn't such a bad idea after all?
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RE: case #1... In a Business Law course years and years ago, I studied a similar case. 2 men scaled a razor-wired fence to gain access to a warehouse, climbed the side of the building to the roof and broke in through a skylight with the intention of robbery. They stole what they wanted and, while attempting to exit via the same skylight, were both standing on a beam that broke and they fell several stories and were injured.

They sued -- AND WON -- because there weren't signs on the skylight indicating it was unsafe for bearing weight.

Case #2 -- god there are some trashy human beings out there.
Oh i would LOVE an enforced parental license. Those "parents" make me ill.

i could have *sworn* there were new laws to prohibit that first case, though.
Who would enforce these licenses? The same people that make bad decisions about the abortion and forget kids in the foster system? The same ones that make discriminatory adoption laws?

I think I'll take my chances for now and let Darwin take care of these people in the long run.

I believe if there were licenses for this type of thing, I would have only been an idea. ;)
I'm convinced that fake burberry leeches the intelligence out of anyone it infects.

I know in legal terms there are things which are considered "attractive nuisances", eg: your pool is considered attractive to the neighbourhood tots, therefore if it's not securely locked away, you're liable if one falls in and drowns; but in this case, the firefighters had a hell of a time breaking in, so I'm not sure how much weight that'll fly.

Let's hope that they get nothing.
Don't forget the father of the 14 year-old murdered in Seattle at the after-hours party last weekend.

"I just want her to be remembered as a sweet girl, and she didn't deserve any of this," her father, Kyle Moore said. "Nobody deserves to be shot like this. I mean he didn't just shoot her once, he shot her twice. A little girl." Um, can I ask why is your "little girl" at a party at 7:00 AM with people she doesn't even know?
Oh dear God, to be honest, my first reaction was exactly the same as yours. Then I remembered something..... In his defence, did he know that his daughter was at the party? It's not unknown for teenagers to sneak out after supposedly going to bed!

( Not that I ever did that, oh no. When your little one starts showing signs of growing up, wrought iron window frames would be a must!!)
What kind of fool would go climbing abandoned buildings? :D

But seriously though, this is just ridiculous. I can't believe how bad people have gotten with lawsuits.
The difference being that I'm not going to sue someone else because I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing :)
As yes, the lovely Leanne Black, she's a prime example of why my "selective sterilisation" project would have worked ;)

On another note, why are you reading the Sun? It's a crappy paper, with poor journalism. Go on, horrify me and tell me its for the boobs on page 3!

How're the moving plans coming along?
I don't read the Sun, actually. I read Fark and they often link back to the Sun (folks ask me why I read Fox News and the answer's the same). And yes, I have glanced at Page 3 a time or two.

The moving plans are coming along fine. pdx42 and _sister_madly_ grudgingly dropped off boxes for me -- perhaps they thought I wouldn't move if I didn't get them -- and I'm going to continue packing today.
Tsk, tsk and for shame that such an enlightened gentleman such as yourself has "glanced" at page 3 :)

Pleased the moving plans are progressing, once you get here let us know and we'll make sure we meet up (there's a scary thought for you) before we hopefully up sticks and move to Oz.
Sterilisation isn't the cure for scum like that. Humiliating them is. Put her in the stocks for a fortnight, naked.

And no, no toilet breaks :-)
And no, no toilet breaks :-)

Ooh, I like it.

The only problem I can foresee is that she'd probably be okay with the whole naked in the stocks, plus Davina would probably interview her for the latest sleb type magazine and then she'd be yet another talentless sleb.

Oh for those halycon days when (people like her were birched, er sorry, I mean) people were famous for having actually achieved something, rather than famous for being famous. {/old biddy mode}