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Personal responsibility? What's that?

So two boys climb and abandoned building an jump up and down on a skylight. Not surprisingly, they fell through and were injured. Their parent's reaction? The lawsuit lottery, of course. They're suing the owners of the building in an apparent attempt to teach their children that greed is more important than personal responsibility.

What the hell has to happen to convince lawmakers to outlaw lawsuits over injuries resulting from knowingly participating in a crime?

For another "Parent of the Year" finalist, we have the charming story of a young lady, 14 years old, who got a little irate after being convincted for her second drunk driving offense. Upon finding out she was going to be locked up for a few months, she threw water at the judge, punched the prosecutor and threw eggs at the photographers. And her mother's response? She said she was proud of her daughter. There's also a delightful picture of the mother flashing her ass (clothed) at photographers.

Maybe parental licensing isn't such a bad idea after all?
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