One concern which has long been glossed over in science fiction but is discussed seriously amongst scientists is how, if we encountered an alien civilization, would we communicate with it. Some suspect that they may have evolved in such a foreign environment that communication would not be possible.

The existence of Japanese television lends credence to this theory.
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Some 'scientists' should have been forced to smoke their socks, if they haven't done so already....

All forms of communication relies on some ability to manipulating your environment(soundvaves is just one example) or by changeing how you are being perceived by others.(changeing colours, moving appendages, or even dancing)
All these methods can be recorded, quantified and analyzed.
That's not a problem...

The basis for a civilisation is to band together for protetion and food. How old(how far removed from its origin) the civilisation is will influence how easily detectable those bjectives are in their behaviour and communications.

Note that certain civilisations popular in Sci-fi(like Klingons) are bound to collapse within a few generations, at the most, just because they are contrary to the food/protection rule...

So, yes, if we understand the other civilisation's origins(planet and its ecology) and can record enough of their communications, then we should be able to communicate with them.

Whether or not we have anything to say to each other, though...

BTW: No, I don't have any psychology, biology, languages, xeno-biology, or similar formal training. I do read a lot of books(and try to write a little bit)

As for that video...
Ever seen Teletubbies?
Now THAT is incomprehensible and completely alien...
OMG, it's the guy from the Fruity Oaty Bars commercial.
Maybe we're trapped in a human/ant farm and don't even know it! :/
clearly the Japanese still suffer from the fallout of Hiroshima/Nagasaki.
Is it just me, or is there a dancing butternut squash in that skit? I freaking hate squash!