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More thieves than you can shake a nightstick at ...

My god, why would anyone want to live in the UK right now? Seems like every time we turn around there's some professional criminal organization making a huge heist. It's like the it's their most profitable industry or something.

So you've probably heard about their recent £53 million heist. That would be, what, $91 million?

And then the same company gets hit with another large robbery and since they're a security firm, I suspect business might get a bit slow for them right now.

One might think, after so much publicity about these high profile crimes, that folks are going to be a tad more cautious about leaving a few million pounds lying about. Nope. Turns out that in the latest robbery, word made it out on the street that there was a large cash shipment and one enterprising gang decided to go for it. They made off with £75 million pounds. That's about $130 million dollars. The money was just sitting in a damned van and the driver left his keys in it. Can you believe something so stupid? The thieves just hopped in and drove off with £75 million.

Everything worked out OK, though. Turns out the thieves didn't realize it was Monopoly money. What I wouldn't give to see the looks on their faces when they opened the bundles ...
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