Here we go again ...

Just got a call from my Visa company. Did I just make a charge of $4,395.00 at Zonelabs? Uh, no.

Damn it. This time it's done over the net and there's not much I can do. I called Zonelabs but they refused to give me any information about this. Fortunately, the charge was denied and I'll be getting a new card issued, but this is getting old.

Why won't they give me any information? They're afraid of getting sued. Why won't the credit card company give me any more information? They're afraid of getting sued. Everyone is so afraid of everyone else that no one will share any damned information.
No, not the same card. I was issued new cards after this happened last time. Now they're cancelling the card and issuing me yet another one.
dammit! but ...
If it wasn't so annoying, the irony of the purchase (from an internet security company) might be pretty funny!
Eeeek. That's how I found out about mine - a credit card company calling me to verify a large charge. I sure hope you don't have to go through all this again. Time to check the reports again.
This happened to my sister. I hope it doesn't happen to me.
dude. have you just considered saying "fuck it" and up and moving to another country?


"uh, mr poe, this is visa. i know that you just used your card in nottingham, but is it possible that you also just used it to buy a minivan in calamazoo? they are awfully close, after all"
If they don't want to give you the information in fear of being sued, DO IT!

Sick the law on them. I believe this would fall under the heading of 'aiding and abetting'...