Keep abortion safe and hidden

I'm sure a number of you have seen the abortion instructions, but for those who haven't, it's something worth pondering, regardless of how you personally feel about abortions.

The instructions are essentially step-by-step information on how to perform a "dilation and curettage", a common abortion technique. It even lists the tools and supplies necessary, including where to acquire them. I am not a medical professional so I can't evaluate the quality of the instructions, but I note that aside from mentioning the acquisition of gloves, it doesn't mention about how to put them on (or even when, for that matter). There's also no mention of wearing a mask. It seems to me that if one is performing an abortion, breathing on the woman is probably not very sterile.

Also, the discussion about antibiotics is troublesome. Some folks are allergic to some antibiotics. They're necessary, but do you want to avoid killing someone during an abortion only to have them die afterward?

I'm quite disturbed by this article, but I'm more disturbed by why folks feel there's a necessity for it. Call me cynical, but I almost wonder if some South Dakota legislators had been promised that Alito was their backup plan. It's no coincidence that now is the time they decided that they were more qualified than doctors to make medical decisions.
i hadn't seen that yet.

The idea is almost funny, to give this to SD women, but to go through with it without a medical degree is rediculous. It's just disturbing.
Um perhaps I should write an article on how to give yourself an herbal abortion. Works about 90% of the time if caught early enough... and no one has to sterilize anything.
Do it. The more information that is out there, the better.

Surely this D & C article should be filed in the same folder as 'how to make pipe bombs'. As folk in Columbine now know to their cost, just because you know how to, doesn't mean you should.
I was going to say the same thing. The article is distressing in it's notable lack of information, especially on what to do when you run off the map.

Bad juju, this.
There will always be some idiot who will try anything because they've read the instructions on the internet. You could probably find the instructions on how to perform an kitchen table appendectomy if you look hard enough. [Runs off to do Google search on apendectomy!!]

At least doing it this way is preferable to a hot bath, a bottle of gin and a knitting needle. I kid you not...