Dear God, no!

I love cats. This is an offense to their existence. I can't stop laughing.

As I cannot do it justice, let them explain it for themselves:

  1. You need to dress a cat. And you will say to a cat together with a family. "It has changed just for a moment". [ "it being very dear" or ] You will pass pleasant one time.
  2. If a family and a cat become fortunate, you will take a commemorative photo! Therefore, please photo your cat lovelily with much trouble.
  3. If it finishes taking a photograph, you will make it remove clothes from a cat immediately. You will say then, without forgetting the language of gratitude to a cat. "-- be flooded -- a way -- good -- having done one's best -- ! -- "

There now. That clears is up, yes? May it joyous and with clarity.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I tell people not to hate me because I'm handsome and then you along and say stuff like that. And now they hate me.

I'm gonna get one of those hats for Isa, you know.

Are you sure?
Are you sure that's why they hate you? ;)

Hat for Isa? What did I miss.

FYI... I'm wearing my lucky pants today. Just thought you should know.
Re: Are you sure?

What did you miss? You evidently missed clicking on the hyperlink I provided. Trust me. It's a laff riot.

As for your pants: I thought you only got lucky when you weren't wearing them ...

/me ducks

Why am I not seeing the hyperlink? Could it be that it's not there!?

Re: the pants: No, I get lucky when you're not wearing them! uh... yeah. That's it.

Ohh... you meant the hyperlink in the original post.

I'm a dumdum.

This is not news.

I'll check it out tonight and laff. :D
Re: *blush*
Well, the obvious question is: what the hell did you think my post meant if you didn't see the link? :)
Oh, come off it, Sean. Puck wouldn't even notice (until he got hungry and decided to find out if the hat constituted "food" :)</p>
*meow* *hissssssssssssssss*
I think this is a record for confused comments in one post...

I looked at the link and LAFFED! *Very* funny and *very* cute.

Can't you imagine how pissed off Isa would look in one of those outfits? I think she'd look smashing in the leopard cape and hat!! Zoe too! :)
hey you! you look vaguely familiar. *scratches head*

oh yea, I think I remember seeing you semi-recently in a groovy Michael Franti shirt. ;)

All the freaky people make the beauty of the world...

Oh, cool! I have a stalker. Who are you? :)

Looking at your list of friends, I see that we have eliish and soulfulspirit in common, so I'm guessing that we met at Jen's party? Were you the other person with the über-kewl Franti shirt? Or are you someone else entirely? Perhaps someone else sent to torment me as all of Jen's friends do sooner or later?
mwaahaaahaaa! Oh the fun I could have with this!

Alas, I'm a bit hungover after a crazy night out with said princess, so my creativity is a bit lacking. Therefore I will simplay admid that, yes, it was me in the other groovy shirt. :)
The sad truth is, I was hung over after Jen's party ... because I was rather toasted at that party. I remember you, but only because I noticed your shirt (no, really! I meant shirt!).

How embarrassing. I think I will blame in on Jen's plying me with alcohol. Yeah, that's it.
Re: Oops
Yes, I'm also going to blame her for my lack of typing/spelling skills in my previous reply! I really should wear my glasses when I'm doing this. :)
Re: Oops
And what do you know! She's also the reason I haven't picked up the living room or cooked dinner yet. Hmm... Jen has a lot to answer for ...
Re: Oops
we may have to gang up on here and get some answers!! that could be more fun than humanly possible!