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Ears suck. Just thought you should know.

I'm generally a fairly healthy guy. I rarely get sick, but I've had a mild sore throat for three weeks. At first I thought it was the flu because I also had a headache but I finally decided I should see my doctor (yeah, I should have gone in sooner). As it turns out, I have an ear infection and it's bad. After a bit of cleaning over the weekend, my sore throat went away (better drainage), but my ear hurts even worse.

To deal with this, I've been prescribed erythromicin. It's a powerful antibiotic, but it has the annoying habit of causing upset stomachs, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. This should be fun. (Allegedly these symptoms aren't common, but I've had this antibiotic before).

And did I mention I'm going to be on a double dose? Double fun! My stomach is a delicate flower about to be lightly misted with sulfuric acid. The next ten days should be a blast.

Why such a harsh treatment for an ear infection? My ears are awful. I've had multiple surgeries on them and chronic ear infections. I've had my right eardrum rebuilt and the bones in the right middle ear replaced with a prosthetic. Ear infections for me are a Bad Thing. A week and a half of nausea is a small price to pay.
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Hope you get over it fast bro. You used to get so sick when you were little to. I remember many a day/night sitting in the lobby while mom went to see you. Do you remember when you were five years old and took apart a hospital bed with a butter knife????? The doctors were astounded and with their knowledge it was hilarious as a five year old could take it apart with a butter knife and they couldn't figure out how to put it back together!! If you know anything about the screws that's no mean feat! They stuck a mattress on the floor. You! Were not allowed to have a regular hospital bed after that! They were afraid you'd do it again!
I remember being told about it, but I don't remember actually doing it. I do remember playing around with things and taking them apart, though. I broke stuff.
Ok *that* is funny.

(Speaking as someone who thought it would be a good idea to take the doorknob off while she was on the inside of the closed door...they let me figure out how to get back out by myself.)
Ahh that bites!
Yeah I'm in the same category as you with regards to my ears. When I was young I had tubes in both ears. Then around the time I was 12 I had a series of 6 operations on my left ear due to bad ear infections so I've gone through the whole gamut of that. I've got about 50% hearing in my left ear, which would be higher if I ever decided to go back under the knife to have them redo the placement on the glass bone replacement they did. Then again I have the lovely scar that goes from top to bottom of the back of my ear where they cut open for that surgery. Being 12 and on morphine in a VA hospital Thankfully I have good hearing in my right ear. Get well soon!
oh geez, that stinks! :( well i hope it does the trick...and i suggest you stock up on the T.P.
From a fellow ear infection sufferer - I hope you kick it hard, and get well soon.
I used to get cronic ear infections that were just horrific-one was so bad my eardrum nearly ruptured. Well, I started ear candling a few years ago and have not had a single one since. You gotta love Chinese medicine :)