No Blue Velvet

I really want to go out and do something different tonight. I suspect I'll wind up sleeping instead, but I'm feeling restless. xwrn suggested I go with him to see Blue Velvet at the Clinton Street Theater. I was going to, but it's not listed on their Web site. Damn.

What should I do?
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If the theatre made a mistake and it's not showing, it's too late: you're out of the house, you'll have to do something spontaneous.

Off to bed. (Not a word.)

Kino Kid
You know, you really should get a real account. That way I can add you as a friend and you can see my "friends-only" stuff.
Why would I do that? Do you really want *me* to be your friend? Are you sure you can handle it?
Wow. Blue Velvet is playing at the Clinton? The David Lynch one right? Damn, I want to see that.