I like {insert obscenity here}

So we're having a potluck over at _sister_madly_ and pdx42's house tonight. Since it's a "build your own burrito" night, we were asked what we would bring. One friend wrote:

Yo tengo crema y jalapenos. Te los quieres? Me gusta burritos! Burritos con carne! Burritos con frijoles! burritos con crema!

My Spanish is pretty rusty, but I could read that. Just to be sure I didn't mess up, I ran it through Babelfish, which translated that to:

I have cream and jalapenos. You you want them? I like young donkeys! Young donkeys with meat! Young donkeys with frijoles! young donkeys with cream!
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burro = burrito? Man oh man, Spanish has changed a lot since I was in high school. :)
So is there a spanish work for what we in america call a 'burrito'?

I'm sure I deserved that for home previous slight, so I'll have to emotionally scar you for it later anyways.

Seiously though do you know the answer?? ;)

I don't that's why I'm asking.. O'fount of knowledge?
As far as I know, it's the same word. That's why the Spanish translation by Babelfish has me a bit confused but then, my Spanish was always awful. I only took the class in high school because of all of the cute girls there.
It has a sort of perverse Dr Seuss sound to it.

(I find it odd that it translated burritos but not frijoles.)