Blah, blah, sniffle, blah

OK, so I'm not over whatever it was I had. I was feeling better today, but got progressively worse. Damn. At least I have Bob the Angry Flower to keep me happy.
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I'm using Umcka ColdCare and 1000mg of vitamin C per day to stave off a cold - and it's working!!! This Umcka stuff kicks ass (I recommend the menthol over the cherry flavor). I've seen it work against some really nasty crap....
ooga booga....i must be having a sympathy cold for you. i'm illin' myself. i think it may have been the plane ride last week - they wreak havoc on my sinuses and all. still, heading to Seattle today to try and have fun. Wish me luck! Dinner next week, perhaps?? We should both feel ok by then. :)