Are you on drugs?

Feh ...

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to lie in bed with the flu? Bah!
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If I hadn't had to work I would have come over and fed you chocolate.
Would a nice cup of hot tea make you feel better? Hmmm?
Happy VDay!
I spent the day sick too, except in my case it was something like Seroquel withdrawal rather than a virus.
Re: Oooh! Seroquel!
SHORT ANSWER: Yes, I think so.

LONGER ANSWER: I've been feeling sick in the evenings for a long time now, and I've been trying to narrow down the possible causes, which is difficult since I am on so many meds, and also because the level of nausea varies tremendously from night to night even if my meds stay exactly the same.

However, my current theory is that much of my nausea stems from withdrawal from Seroquel. Tonight I will be testing that hypothesis: instead of taking all my nightly Seroquel at 10 PM last night, I saved a bit of it for 3 AM and another bit for 6 AM. IF Seroquel withdrawal is the primary cause of the nausea, then tonight, in theory, I should not feel as sick as usual.

All of this is made even more complicated because I am, and have been since infancy, an exceptionally anxious person, and anxiety makes me nauseated too. I have suffered from nausea pretty much my whole life.
the operation was a success but the patient died
The experiment was a failure. Or at best an extremely qualified success.

Yes, it now seems pretty clear that Seroquel withdrawal makes me nauseated.

However, today there was no reason whatsoever for me to be in withdrawal; I took some Seroquel before I went to bed, some around 3 AM, some around 6 AM, and then some a few hours ago. Nevertheless, during the course of the day I have grown sicker and sicker.

I know all sorts of tricks to make myself feel far worse -- go into Seroquel withdrawal, go into Klonopin withdrawal, not get enough sleep, etc., etc., etc. -- but I can't seem to find tricks to make myself feel better.
Re: the operation was a success but the patient died
I'm sorry to hear that. Have you had any doctors who've had plans to help minimize the impact of those drugs? While I realize you may need them to keep functioning, taking so many drugs for such an extended period of time doesn't seem terribly healthy.
Yup, many people choose to celebrate Valentine's Day in bed with someone. Too bad I don't know who flu is.

(j/k, I know. Get well soon.)