Political thoughts for the day

There's a certain bleak humor in realizing that many who promote social Darwinism don't want biological Darwinism taught in schools.

In other news, it seems that some people are upset that former President Jimmy Carter and Rev. Joseph E. Lowery made political statements at Coretta Scott King's funeral. They decried the political tone of the event.

This makes me scratch my head. If the day of someone's funeral is not an appropriate time to remind folks of what that person stands for, I don't know when is. Sure, we may not like the remarks, but to ignore what King stood for and pretend that everything is fluffy and nice is a disgrace to her memory.
I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, I think Jimmy Carter's remarks were quite sharp. On the other hand, I think Jimmy Carter's remarks were quite sharp.

Mr Carter has recently become one of my favorite political figures (I'm reading his Lost Values currently). I raise my glass in salute to Mr Carter, Mr Lowery, and not least of all, for our late Ms King.
Carter has proven to be one of the most effective ex-Presidents ever, which is nice, considering he was one of the least effective Presidents ever.
Heh, I recently said the same thing in discussions with my grandmother. Verbatim, pretty much.
Personally I was more offended that Bush spoke at her funeral.

I liked the article thank you for posting it.