Make fun if you like, but in Nebraska ya gotta wear a tie like that if you wanna git the youngins.
Because it's Nebraska, I'm not surprised.

/still recovering from my fond times there
I love the way she sites him as a responsible influence on their daughter.
The craziest part of this whole thing is that the Kansas Attorney General has been on this "crusade" lately to invade the privacy of girls who had sex before they were 18 by trying to get records from the abortion clinics in Kansas. But he doesn't seem to care if a 14 year old gets married and has underage sex.
As the mother of a teen that I could not control (she towers over me) and texas laws all I can say is if it was consensual on her part and mom ok'd the marriage what gives the law the right to intervene. He did marry her. I don't believe in underage sex or marriage but as the mother of an uncontrollable teen I say leave em alone unless he beats her. Todays laws make it impossible to make your children behave. I'd rather my daughter marry then live on welfare which I don't have faith in with a child that would likely be neglected while mommies out playing the field. I see it every day. There is no way to stop it.
My general beef was with the hypocrisy of it all. The guy is after abortion clinics plain and simple, but he makes it out to be that he's doing it to stop people from taking advantage of underage girls. But he doesn't care if they cover it up by marrying them (not saying that's what happened here). Basically, the AG is driving me nuts with his "it's for the good of the children!" campaign.
Right. I just can't believe they put a guy in jail for marrying a girl that is underage when we all know it happens all the time. Kids know they can do what they want and we the parents have had most of what used to be inalienable rights taken away. Do you suppose this butthead is up for some kind of election??? They always seem to go after people when they think it will bring up their image publicly. Of course I could be dead wrong. I am the queen of eating shoe stores after
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I guess he should have knocked her up and NOT married her, to protect the "sanctity of marriage"? Um, isn't that what a bible belt shotgun marriage is FOR, to save your ass after you impregnate an eighth grader? DUH! I did think her plea to the judge was rather astute, for a fifteen year old...
Re: (I'm just a PDX tea society freak, not some random, completely unconnected freak)
Well, you still might be a completely random, unconnected freak :)

Yeah, it's a little bothersome he'd marry a 14 year old, but at least they were married, damn it. I feel bad for their child.