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Idiot Boxers and Bikes

I decided it was time to clean up my act. I've already been recycling for a while, occasionally buying organic foods, walking to work and I quit smoking over a month ago. Recently, I helped seantmove</lj> and wound up with a nice mountain bike out of the deal. I decided it was time to start biking again.

When I lived in Texas, I biked about 25 miles a day. I wasn't a health nut, though. I lived precisely 12.5 miles from work and I didn't have a driver's license. Unfortunately, if your only exercise is biking, it's not the most well-rounded activity. Try to imagine an Incredible Hulk Shrinky Dink where only the upper half of the body made it into the oven. I was the exact opposite of the Idiot Boxers.

"Idiot Boxers" was what I (silently) called the boxers in Honolulu. When I lived there, I frequently saw huge boxers walking around. These were big boys with massive arms, who were shadow boxing every where they walked. They would throw their jabs, upper cuts and left hooks in these graceful, lightning-quick combinations. Unfortunately, they looked like sides of beef balancing on toothpicks. You see, for some reason, these guys never seemed to cotton on to the idea that you might want a more well-rounded physique when in the ring. Those scrawny legs weren't going to support that bulk for long in an extended boxing match. Hence, my term "Idiot Boxers". I remember thinking that if they took my legs from my cycling days and stuck them on the boxer's bodies, they might have done OK.

Which brings me back to biking. Yesterday was my first day biking to work. I had taken some time to get my emergency repair kit together, adjusted my bike and went out for a couple of dry runs. Then on Monday morning, I rode to work. It was a blast. I couldn't believe I had given this up! I was having fun, I didn't have to worry about parking, I could easily take a side-jaunt into another neighborhood and stop and see the sites. I don't see why more people don't do this. I felt exhilarated when I got to work. It was quick, fun, and easy.

Monday evening, when I got off work, I discovered a new thing. My office it at a significantly lower altitude than my home.

I was in agony when I got home. My friend Ben Tilly is in town and we were going to do something, but there was no way I was going anywhere. A few Tylenol, plenty of wine to wash it down and a simple, easy-to-make meal. Sorry, Ben. No seeing the sights that evening.

Today, I apparently did not learn my lesson. I rode to work again. I'm looking forward to turning into an Idiot Biker.

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