Kama Sutra, anyone?

Do you use Microsoft Windows? Then perhaps you've heard of the Kama Sutra worm that's been going around. Perhaps you've also heard of Microsoft's diligence in dealing with this matter. Here's the deal.

Got that?

The article linked above also points to two Microsoft sites which should help you disinfect your computer before the Kama Sutra worm strikes, so please check it out. However, expecting hundreds of millions of users across the planet to even know that there's a threat and that those sites exist and that they should go to them to check their computers is ridiculous. Many people are going to lose a lot of money because Microsoft can't be bothered to update their tool a bit early (and for the record, they've done it before and I'm betting they might do it this time if they get enough negative feedback).

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I could mention a few other episodes, but the one I find most M$ is one that happened back in the 'good olde days' of MS-DOS 6.0...

Back then, for those who couldn't afford Norton Utilities(and hadn't picked up a pirated copy) had to trust a M$ tool CHKDISK...

Except... The version that came with the earliest 6.0 releases had a bug that if you ran it on a HDD with close to the max number of allocation-units(back in the FAT16 days that was 65536 units), it would overwrite the entiire allocation-table on the disk...

Anyway, they knew about the issue, and even had an updated version of CHKDISK out, buried deep in their BSS (This was before the net was opened up to everyone) that anyone who wanted to could download.
BUT.. They never actually told anyone about it. It was just a bloke browsing the lilelists who happened upon it and downloaded it just to see what it was...
Why didn't M$ tell anyone about the bug?
'There were so few who would be affected by the bug'...
during the time when I'm stuck on windows because i acidentlyl killed linux -_-
Poor you.

*Hands over a nicely wrapped package, the size of a CD cover*

Here, use this OS/2 package until you can get Linux up and running again...

You can think it's phallic all you want. Pretty girls whose thoughts drift towards phallacies (sic) always make me smile.