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Master Locks Are Really Subs

Some days you just have to smile. I've been out at pdx42 and _sister_madly_'s house for the past few days house sitting. Today, I drove home for lunch and there was the package sitting on my table. I am soooo happy.

I grabbed a Master Lock I had recently purchased and opened it with the key, just to make sure it worked. One of the reasons I chose this particular lock is that the package claimed a "pin tumbler mechanism for maximum pesistence (sic) to picking." I an only wonder if the typo was deliberate to protect against lawsuits.

I locked the lock, opened my package and set to work on the lock. A few seconds later, the lock yielded to my brand-new lock picks. This is, in fact, one of the easiest locks I have ever picked. You practically breathe on the damn lock and it falls open.

For those curious, I picked up this 14 piece kit. For those wondering about the legality, it's perfectly legal in Oregon for me to possess these picks for personal use so long as I'm not committing a crime. When I moved back from Amsterdam, I'm left a set of lock picks behind because I had a connecting flight in Washington D.C. and mere possession of lock picks in D.C. is a felony for most people. Check your local laws.

Update: OK, it was beginner's luck. The lock popped open instantly on my first couple of tries and now it's not giving me any love. I'm terribly out of practice. Oh well, back to work.
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