Bathrooms to Avoid

When I first moved to Portland, around 1990 or so, the were still building the upper level of the Lloyd Center Mall I worked in. They were having problems with men loitering in bathrooms and one of their strategies to prevent this was to use this hideous black and white tile that is strangely disorienting to look at. If you've seen it, you know what I mean.

Another strategy they adopted was to put steel sheeting on the bathroom stall walls to keep guys (I assume this is not a problem for women) from drilling holes in the stall walls so they could, uh, look at the occupants of adjacent stalls. Sometimes I hate being a guy.

Their latest strategy, though I suspect it's an inadvertent one, is the brand of soap they're using. Now, when you wash your hands after using the bathroom, you get a handful of yellowish grey goo for soap. It looks exactly like you have a handful of runny snot.

Lloyd Center is not a classy mall.
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I was there recently though and was pretty astonished by their remodel. Much nicer than I'd expect even in a more upscale mall. I'll be interested to see how difficult it is to keep up.
I'm rather curious about that myself. Since they have a food court, plenty of people are running around with food and drink in hand. Unfortunately, they're running around on that phenomenally ugly carpet they installed. Over the years, that carpet is going to get terribly stained and that can't help matters. On the plus side, it's tough to get any uglier.

The rest of the remodel is very nice. The mall is much prettier than it was. I just can't fathom that damned carpet. Hell, I'm surprised they didn't carpet the bathrooms.
If you look closely, you'll see that the carpet is installed in squares. You get a stain, just remove that square and replace. Most public places carpet that way so you can keep it up most easily.

I don't remember it being all that ugly, though. And I love the living room areas all over the place. Makes for a much more upscale feel in general.
Ah, but do they have that awful blue light?

In the bathroom of one of the ferries crossing the fjord here where I live they have blue fluorescent lighting in the bathrooms. It supposedly makes it impossible to spot the veins in your arms so that you can't set a shot of junk in it.

Strange thing is, on that ferry, the bathrooms are in the middle of the saloon area, so everyone can see who goes into them, but on the other two ferries also trafficking the same route, and which has the bathrooms on separate levels from the saloons, there's no such thing...
I've heard about those lights. I wonder if they work. I've also heard of junkies buying pens whose normally invisible ink glows under those lights. They trace out their veins so they're easy to spot when they go in there. Possibly it's an urban legend, but it's an interesting take on the matter.
Well, I can't see my veins when I'm in that bathroom, but then again... they're not that easy to see in normal light, either.
(There's been a few awkward moments at the local bloodbank with either the needle hitting nothing at all, or a bit of a mess on the floor)
"Lloyd Center is not a classy mall."

Ah, but there are few finer places in Portland to people watch.
Lloyd Center is not a classy mall.

Is there such a thing?
Personally, I love the bathrooms at lloyd center, there is nothing like stumbling out of there after usring the toilet, disorented and hallucinating, because the tile triggered a flashback.

oh man! i was just there on friday and got dizzy walking into the bathrooms

the soap may look nasty but it smells like coconuts and i enjoy it.

the bathrooms in the salem centre mall nearest the food court are small and smell like grease. it's really close to the garbage shute and bleh. brings back bad memories of my summer spent working at Sbarro's