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Bathrooms to Avoid

When I first moved to Portland, around 1990 or so, the were still building the upper level of the Lloyd Center Mall I worked in. They were having problems with men loitering in bathrooms and one of their strategies to prevent this was to use this hideous black and white tile that is strangely disorienting to look at. If you've seen it, you know what I mean.

Another strategy they adopted was to put steel sheeting on the bathroom stall walls to keep guys (I assume this is not a problem for women) from drilling holes in the stall walls so they could, uh, look at the occupants of adjacent stalls. Sometimes I hate being a guy.

Their latest strategy, though I suspect it's an inadvertent one, is the brand of soap they're using. Now, when you wash your hands after using the bathroom, you get a handful of yellowish grey goo for soap. It looks exactly like you have a handful of runny snot.

Lloyd Center is not a classy mall.
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