Well, That Sucked

Last night I wrote a moderately longish post listing various real ideas humanity has had about interstellar travel, ending with the possibilities stemming from the relatively obscure (until recently) work of Burkhart Heim, and my browser crashed. It was too late to retype it.

Now I have to drive pdx42 and _sister_madly_ to the airport so they can spend a week on the gothcruise. I shouldn't have canceled. I'm envious.
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Firstly, ugh. That sucks.

Secondly, sessionsaver is teh bomb. It restores all browser properties to where they were when it crashed (or you killed it). Saves my bacon roughly once every two weeks.

It also will pull back tabs and windows you intentionally closed, but then realized you didn't want to. Which is a feature I use at least once every other day, to my surprise.

The /only/ downside is if you have a multistage form (say, ordering something from amazon), which is resting on the page after the POST is submitted, it can sometimes re-submit it when it restores. But that seems to only affect some POSTs, eg, not Livejournal's.

If there'a page that kills your browser on load, you have enough time before it loads, to close it pre-crash.

Not that it helps you much now, but I always type out long posts in TextEdit (or some other WP) and then copy and paste. Adds <30 seconds to the process and saves you those "Ah crap!" moments.
Big hugs bro! Been there done that! Nothing as important mind you but it still sucks!
You should do something really fun to make up for not going on Gothcruise. At least go to Pix with me one night.