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Interface Design Challenge (how to get rich)

Think about a teapot for a moment. Anyone can just glance at a teapot and know how to pour tea out of it. That's because you have a handle on one side and the spout on the other. If they were both on the same side, the teapot would be a constant source of frustration.

Door handles are the same way. If there's a handle, it implies "pull". If there's a plate, it implies "push". This is called an affordance. The design of the thing affords you the opportunity to do the right thing naturally. That's what tonight's Portland Perl Mongers meeting was about.

I started thinking about this and wondering what is poorly designed and how we can improve upon it. The thought that came to mind was the condom. How many times have you been in a dark room and realized you were trying to put the condom on the wrong way? You feel stupid and you have to throw away the condom (if you think you don't have to throw it away, you don't know enough about STDs).

Here's the design challenge that would make someone rich: how would you design a condom so that you can always put in on correctly even if the lights are off? One person suggested flavoring one side.

My idea involved a tack.
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hmmm, good one

red & green are nearly universal stop/go indicators, but colorblindness is a problem for some portion of the population. more often males than females. maybe males who don't use condoms anyway? (i made that up). add to that the fact that red and green are not the best colors for viewing in the dark, hence the move to the obnoxiously bright yellow firetruck in the past few decades

so maybe a two-tone set of bright yellow firetruck (safety yellow?) and black on the inside

it will be like some lovely and wonderful Day of the Dead celebration, but it will be on cocks