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So take a look at this Google map. It's a map of an artillery range at Fort Hood, Texas. No big deal, right?

The range clearly extends from the west, opening to the east-south-east. You see a series of lines running perpendicular to the direction of the artillery range and if you zoom in on the line furthest to the east yet still obviously a part of the range, you see a large circular something which looks rather like a bullseye. Just to the west of that, you see a five hundred foot wide Star of David.

What's a Star of David doing on a satellite photo of an army artillery range? I'm hardly a photographic expert, but looking closely at the Star suggests ragged vegetation on it, as if someone had deliberately driven vehicles across it to make the outline (as opposed to this being some weird image artifact).

Update: the first star was initially referenced at I dug around a bit to find it myself so I could let you look at it rather than just relying on the story. Then I stumbled across something else. Here's another Star of David, this one being a little over 300 meters across. Here's an artillery range in Fort Carson near Colorado springs.

Here's the image where you can see them together. The Star of David is faintly visible near the top and the artillery range is quite visible near the bottom (go ~ 1900 feet west of the range and about a mile north). What the hell is going on?

Update 2: Found a link which discusses this issue and claims that those are simulated SAM (surface to air missile) sites.
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Okay, just talked to my father, a retired Air Defence NonCom. I explained the photos and he said that it sounds perfectly normal. W/o going into details, that formation allows for max range, max overlap of radar and traget zones, while minimizing launchers deployed.
Your posts always seem to derail me from whatever I'm doing, followed by a series of clicked links, visited websites, and completely demolished work time!

...but I'm not complaining. I just spent at least 25 minutes looking at various googly pages, ending with aerials of the Sphinx and Disney World. *sigh*

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Oh, I know that feeling. I can get swept up in something only to realize that I'm wasting time and need to get back to Important Stuff (the capitalization being mandatory, of course).
There is/was in fact a SAM deployment pattern that NATO referred to as "The Star of David". It involved 6 SAM-2 launchers with interconnected cabling, and one central controlling radar. I don't remember where the radar would be positioned (at the center, or off to the side).

These were the SAMs that gave the Israeli Air Force a sharp surprise in one of their conflicts with Egypt.

The Wikipedia entry on the SA-2 has a picture of a North Vietnamese Star-of-David layout.
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In other news, your girlfriend seemed delightful. I'm amazed she can stand you.

LOL You and me both, mon ami.