Watch for Ice

The Birthday

_sister_madly_'s birthday was yesterday and naturally, I didn't post a huge happy birthday message here. Oops.

I think I'll get a pass, though. Friday was spent acquiring the things for the birthday party. On Saturday pdx42 and I went over to tmonsta and city_of_night's house and set up. Saturday night confirmed that many of us are going to a special Hell and much of Sunday was spent cleaning up, including getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing tmonsta's kitchen floor, only to discover that the marks won't come out. Fortunately, she suspects the marks were there prior to the party and merely remained unnoticed.

Many great friends showed up at the party, far too many for me to type out here. Never enough time to talk to all of them but it was great to see them. All things considered, it was three days well-spent. Welcome to your fourth decade, L!
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Not sure where it is right now. It turns out that it wasn't the same jacket (wrong label on the inside of the collar).

You hated it that much? :)
I don't hate it, I just have no need for it. You had such a look of "My old coat, how I miss you", that I couldn't not give it to you. I got it from the bins 2 years ago and hadn't used it once, before that night.

After much discussion, he realized that (part of) the reason he got rid of that old coat was HOW MUCH I HATED IT!!!
Gee, I'm thrilled that it's come back into our lives. Really. Uh-huh.