It's a beautiful world -- die scum!

My roommate, Schwern, is playing World of Warcraft right now. I'm listening to him hack and slash his enemies, slaying them left and right.

Meanwhile, his computer is playing Devo's "It's a Beautiful World".
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I have iTunes set to play my unrated songs and I get some real strange ones pop up during battles. It's fun! ;)
Schwern's your roomie? Does he play Alliance or is he one of those Horde scum?
I once had Happy House by Siouxsie and the Banshees randomly play whilst I was torturing Sims (drowning them in their swimming pools, electrocuting them, setting them on fire etc). *smiles innocently*
I didn't know you two were shackin' up.

I just put my iTunes on shuffle when I play.
Your nephew plays wow. He puts in Daft Punk and Judas Priest and stuff like that. I like one he's got by kmfdm. I Played it a little to. It's fun! I want to get my own. I like simcity but the sims kind of ran out of juice in two days. LOL
Yah, Jen doesn't like the hack-and-slash noises from WoW, so I just turn off the sound.

I haven't tried random tunes, though. Might try that next time.