Journalism at its Finest

The headline in today's Oregonian reads: Grief as 12 miners found dead.

The ever classy "USA Today" has the headline: 'Alive!' Miners beat odds.

As it turns out, due to a miscommunication, the miner's families were initially told that the miners were alive. USA Today rushed to press to get the word out, reporting that miners had been taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Rael thinks this is actually Schrödinger's cat in newsprint. If you read USA Today first, you'll save the miners.

How horrifying. Those poor families!

From today's Washington Post:
Officials and rescue supervisors were gathered at a command post near the mine when the voice of a rescue worker crackled loudly over a speaker phone, saying they had found 12 miners and were checking their vital signs. Somehow, Hatfield and everyone else in the room who heard the call believed they were being told the men were alive...

Now, wouldn't you want to confirm news like that before rushing out to tell twelve families that they've escaped tragedy?
i almost checked out USA Today's front cover, but opted to pick up the Oregonian. Drat. That's a pretty embarassing mistake.
Reminds me of Gore beating W in the 2000 election! Or Dewey defeats Truman! ;)

Sad for those miner's families though - to have to be put through such a roller-coaster of emotions.