Open Source and Theft

Things have really hit the fan here at work. Our old Python programmer is no longer with us. Our new Python programmer asked "why is this code that was developed here released as open source?"

Uh oh.

Apparently, the old Python programmer was taking a fair amount of code that he developed for our applications and quietly released it as open source without telling us. The code that the new programmer asked about is pretty generic and we may have overlooked that. Later we found some very proprietary code had been released and in my research, I've found screen shots of our application on the Web. This application is supposed to be the future of our company.

Our lawyer is having us grab all of the evidence that we can lest the programmer try to hide a bunch of it. Right now, the owner's talking about theft of intellectual property. This could get really, really ugly.

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Once again, I am floored by your eloquence :)

It looks like we're going to press criminal charges, if possible. Essentially, this would be equivalent to corporate espionage if he had given this to another company.

There was an article on CNET today, in which IBM is accused of placing some proprietary code onto the Open Source domain.
Re: eeeep.

I saw that. It looks like that's going to be a long, drawn out battle.

To make the situation worse for the Python programmer, we just found out that he was giving demos of our code to a local user group. He was also trying to make an OSCON presentation out of a key component of our software. I really wish this was not happening.

Re: Code Orange

Terrorist? No. Arrogant prima donna? Yes.

While I don't wish this mess on anyone, he's about the last person I can feel sorry for. He is a mind-blowingly intelligent guy, and he never, ever lets anyone else forget it. He is thoroughly despised by everyone here at work and while his actions were clearly wrong, I can't help but wonder if this is being pursued with such zealousness in part because of what a ***** he is (of course, there's still the little matter of the survival of our company being dependant on our being able to finish the software and fend off any potential competitors). He's reaping what he sowed.