Ovid Claus

Why do they even bother to have me sign bank card receipts? I've been signing mine "Santa Claus" for a couple of weeks and no one has noticed. Of course, before that I was signing them "Che Guevara" and no one noticed that, either.

In other news, I just looked at the first edited draft of my article that should be out in January. While I understand why the editor made the changes, it's still a bit jarring. Some of my style is there, but much of it has gone away with his choice of the second person instead of the first or third ("you" instead of "I" or "we"). I've always thought that writers should merely suck it up and be happy they're being published, but I see how taking my style and warping it into something I would never write is a bit painful to watch.
I hope you've brought this up with your editor. Your name is associated with the finished published project. A considerate editor will sit down with you and explain all of the changes made if you request it. If you truly object to something your editor will listen to your point of view, and either further explain why it really needs to be changed in a logical manner or find a compromise. Pick and choose your battles. Once you've picked 'em, hold your ground.
I have and while I've not yet heard back, I think it's understood why I object to some things and why I'm willing to accept some things I don't care for. I think the compromise is reasonable.
bank card receipts
Sometimes I let my son use my card. So it really doesn't matter what you sign. Unless you get someone who *gasp* compares signatures. Besides for all they know you lent Santa your card ;)
Re: bank card receipts
I've had them "compare" the signatures before. They look at both and still stuff my receipt in the cash drawer. Stupid.
Re: bank card receipts
I worked for a large retail chain and we were instructed during orientation to make sure that cards were signed, but not to bother comparing signatures because "we're not handwriting experts". I also worked for Target for a while and there employees don't have any contact with credit cards at all. The card is inserted by the customer into a machine, the customer signs electronically and that's the end of the transaction.

Most retail places, in my experience, are more prepared to deal with "shrink" than to accuse a customer of stealing/fraud.
i saw your article! heee! i wish i knew what the h*ll it was really about though. ; )
Ack! I must call you (not that you ever answer your phone). We must get together. This has been a crazy week for me but hopefully I'll have some free time now.
haha. i know. i always have my ringer off, as my friend steve calls at odd hrs, leaving me hilarious messages.

this wk is busy for me, and this w/end i'll be busy with a friend's wedding reception stuff, but next week is wide open as far as i know. :P