Sick Santa

Sitting at home, in bed, wishing I had bothered to get a flu shot this year. I thought it had broken last night as I was sweating quite a bit, but it's even worse today. I think it started on Saturday, when I was at Santacon 2005. Twelve hours of terrorizing Portland as a drunken Santa with a couple of hundred other drunken Santas was fun, but tiring.
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Eek! Be careful that doesn't turn into pneumonia. I had a relentless flu a couple years ago that put me in the hospital after it intensified. :-/ I hope you feel better soon.
It *is* tiring but so worth it. Did you even make out w/ any santas?

Thank you for joining us. I am sorry you are sick. :)

Re: Santa
I briefly kissed one Santa and was groped a couple of times by another. It wasn't a total loss.

I hope that odd situation you were in at the end of the night turned out OK (I assume it did).
Maybe you should have had some fruitcake. I'll send you some. ;)

Hope you feel better soon.
faking your own death will not get you out of rendezvousing with me at some point in the near future, jackass.
Yep. I thought I'd kicked it by the time spoke yesterday, but boy was I WRONG.