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Wonderful dinner last night with coradee. I'll have to not do that again. She does a great job of getting me to ignore my diet.

Almost two weeks of not running and my left leg is feeling much better. I still feel a twinge every now and then, but it doesn't hurt. Unfortunately, the lack of running means I have to pay more attention to what I eat and there's coradee tempting me with her fattening charms. Curiously, I find the lack of running rather depressing. I was getting quite comfortable in my runs and they were a great way of clearing my mind. Now that I can't run I'm chomping at the bit to find something to replace it with but I can't do anything which might add more stress to my leg. Guess I'm stuck.

And just to keep up the geek quotient: after reading this interview with C. J. Date, I went down to Powell's Technical Bookstore to buy his latest book. They didn't have it. It's a brand new book by one of the pioneers of relational database theory and Powell's didn't have it. I was shocked. I suspect the problem is sales, though. Date isn't talking about a particular database. He's talking about theory and he's written a short book explaining how badly screwed up current DBMS are. Unfortunately, people have accepted the database crap they've been fed for so long that they refuse to admit that maybe it really is crap.
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I won't do anything which might cause problems. Plenty of folks suggest other means of keeping in shape, but I've had too many problems with my left leg. I'm going to let it rest.
I was startled to see you write "his latest book" because I'd swear that he'd died several years ago.

I'd misremembered Codd instead. Whoops!
Date's Book
There was one copy left when I picked up mine. You can borrow it when I'm done with it (though at the rate things are goind around here, that might be a few weeks. :-().

Nope. Not her real name. Sorry to tease you.

Haven't seen you in ages. Emily leaves and everyone's social circles cease resembling Venn diagrams.
We ate salad! and a little burger. Actually, it wasn't the food, it was the amount of spanish coffee that was fattening.
Next time I'll make you eat salad WITHOUT tetatotas (how the hell are those spelled?) while I'm munching on fries and burger. You just complain about my influence (-;