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'No' means 'no'

Well, I turned down the job offer -- twice. I was asked to come in on Friday so they could show me a few more things and I replied with a polite email that I had decided to keep looking. The owner sent back an email asking why.

The money was certainly an issue. We just came into a bit of cash here at work and that buys me more time. Plus, I value my vacations, but ***** ***** is not in a position to offer any. When I worked in Europe, four weeks paid vacation was the minimum. Right now, I only have two weeks paid vacation and that's the smallest amount I've had in a long time. Frankly, I haven't had a vacation in three years and I really, really need to learn to take time for myself.

However, a major issue was simply that I've worked for companies both large and small and I've promised myself that I will not work for companies that are below level 2 on the Software Capability Maturity Model (http://www.sei.cmu.edu/cmm/cmm.sum.html) and I would prefer at least level 3.

They owner sent back an email asserting that the company really was at level two ... well almost at level two ... well, they're not at level two but he thinks I can help them get there.

I politely declined again.

I have just received another email from him letting me know he's interested in talking to me if I reconsider.

I actually feel kind of bad for them. The owner seems nice enough, but I've worked for enough small companies that they have to be very impressive and well-capitalized for me to reconsider.

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